Covid Update - Suspension Of All Services with Immediate Effect.

We have witnessed a spike in terms of covid infections in the past few weeks. The second wave of the virus is so ruthless such that it has claimed the lives of prominent people among others.

In line of this, the government, through Vice President C Chiwenga, has issued a statement today, 03 January 2021 on way forward as a nation.

Some highlights from his Covid Update statement include :

1. Banning of all gatherings including churches for the next 30 days with immediate effect. Funerals are exempted but limited to not more than 30 people.

2. Curfew from 6pm to 6am.

3. Only essential services to remain open

5. People must stay at home unless when buying food and medicines.

7. Schools remain closed except for exam classes.

8. Wearing of masks and social distancing will be strictly enforced.
Covid Update - Suspension Of All Services with Immediate Effect.
Covid Update - Suspension Of All Services with Immediate Effect.

As Glory Ministries, we urge you all to adhere to these regulations. Violation of them carries set consequences. We are urging everyone to stay safe, maintain the standard COVID-19 practices of wearing a mask, washing hands and social distances to protect the people around us.

Communication will be done where necessary. Let us avoid forwarding of messages in church groups without authority.

NB. South African president issued a statement last week also banning any form of gathering including churches.

During these 30 days, we are turning to online ministry let us all join our Bishop Pride Sibiya live on Glory Ministries page, Apostle Pride Sibiya page and Glory ministries official page from 1000Hrs to 1200Hrs. 

For more information, we get in touch with The Secretary-General -SG M Zvimba


Overseer Shiloh Masenyama
Chairman - Glory Ministries

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