Legend Biography: Arch-Bishop Asa and Mavis Gurupira

Arch-Bishop Asa Gurupira At the tender age of fifteen, God called him into the ministry, but like most of us, he ignored the call and instead pursued his own ambitions in the area of academics.

He spent seven years in Cuba where he acquired his Master's degree in Chemical Engineering and fluency in the Spanish language.

On his return to Zimbabwe, he landed a lucrative position in the corporate world in the chemical industry in a company in the capital city of Harare.

The call of the Lord was once again heavy upon him and this time he heeded it and left his work to go into full-time ministry. He is a prolific speaker ministering under the evangelistic and apostolic anointing. He has a great passion for lost souls throughout the nations and especially in the neglected rural areas of Africa.
Legend Biography: Arch-Bishop Asa and Mavis Gurupira

He oversees over sixty assemblies strewn throughout Zimbabwe especially in the rural areas and in keeping with his God-given vision of bringing the knowledge of Christ to the nations has thus far established churches in Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and the United Kingdom.

He has been instrumental in establishing one of Zimbabwe’s most doctrinally sound bible schools, Goshen Bible College which boasts of students from as far afield as the Democratic Republic of Congo. This college trains pastors, aspiring pastors, leaders and all who are interested in learning in-depth knowledge of the scriptures and how to be relevant in the real world. He is a much sought after conference speaker and is an affiliate member of Barnabas Ministries, an international ministry that equips and encourages leaders throughout the world.

He is also an affiliate of the Morris Cerrullo Ministries. The seven years spent in Cuba and his fluency in the Spanish language were not in vain as he has had several opportunities to minister in Latin American countries especially Mexico. He has planted many churches in his home country, Zimbabwe and overseas. With an average sized congregation of over 20 000 members, his Apostolic ministry extends from Zimbabwe to Southern Africa and beyond.

He has also travelled on Evangelistic Missions planting churches in Southern Africa through crusades and revival missions. His involvement in the mission field has changed his life dramatically.

His biggest blessing from God has been his dedicated wife, The couple has been blessed with two daughters and a son, Mutsawashe, Munashe and Tatenda. He is married to a committed and dedicated wife, Mavis, who is also a Pastor and they are blessed with two beautiful daughters (Mutsawashe and Munashe) and a son (Tatenda).

Archbishop Asa Gurupira is committed both to his family and ministry. His family share with him in the burden of souls and they support him in ministry, wholly.
Legend Biography: Arch-Bishop Asa and Mavis Gurupira

Apostle Mavis Gurupira who is a professional, a Radiographer resigned from her well-paying job to also go into full-time ministry like her husband. She is a dedicated minister and a great intercessor for her husband’s ministry. She is an internationally acclaimed teacher of the Word of God. She is a Pastor and a prolific writer of Christian books.
Legend Biography: Arch-Bishop Asa and Mavis Gurupira

Together with her husband Apostle Asa Gurupira, they founded and oversee a thriving ministry (Faith in God Ministries International) with over 125 Pastors and church assemblies in Zimbabwe and abroad. She has ministered in different church gatherings and conferences both nationally and internationally. and in ministry, she is a holder of an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies from Logos University.

She joined the Pastoral Ministry at Christ for the Nations Institute (CFNI) in Dallas, Texas, USA and graduated in 2000. She has been greatly used by God is in the area of counselling to many women who have been disheartened and broken by what life has dealt them.
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