Legend Biography: Evangelist Paul Saungweme

Evangelist Paul Saungweme: Evangelist Paul Matsangaise Saungweme was born in 1957, the third born in a family of eight. 

 He spent the major part of his young life living with his grandmother in the rural area of Mbeza, Mutare, after having been rejected as a child by his father. He was named Zuvarimwe (literally translated One Day) because of his fragile health and state of infirmity, his family never imagined that he would live long enough to stand before multitudes of people and preach the wonderful Word of Jesus.

The day he decided to cross the border into neighbouring Mozambique and commit suicide was the day that Paul bumped into a crusade being run in his home area. That was the Day he gave his life to Christ. He was 18 years old at the time. Paul's passion for God burned with him. As the preachers of that time preached that 'the end is near' Paul became desperate to preach the Word of God to as many people as possible and to see them saved.

He says "When I came to know the Lord, I felt others should also know Him. He released me from poverty, rejection, curses and I felt and still feel that many others must know Him."

From the time he started evangelizing in 1975, Paul saw the Lord moving him from one dimension of Ministry to another. Someone gave him an accordion and gas lamp to light the way, and he went from one rural village to another preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in Zimbabwe. Many people were saved through this. He marvels as he says "I would have between 100 and 200 people at my crusades and I would be so satisfied. There were also many testimonies of God's power at these crusades."

REINHARD BONNKE: However, Paul's paradigm about crusades changed when he attended Reinhard Bonnke's crusade held in Mutare, in the eastern part of Zimbabwe in 1982. Paul was amazed at the number of people at this crusade and this made him appreciate even more, that more needed to be done to bring people of Zimbabwe and of other countries, to Jesus Christ.

JESUS FOR AFRICA EVANGELISTIC MINISTRIES: In 2003, Paul and his wife Winnie formed Jesus for Africa Evangelistic Ministries (JFAEM), having been given the autonomy by his spiritual father and founder of the Zimbabwe Assemblies of God in Africa (ZAOFA) Church, Professor Ezekiel Guti. The autonomy paved the way for Paul to work at an interdenominational level, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Since 2003, the Ministry, led by Evangelist Paul has traversed Zimbabwe reaching out to masses of people and seeing over 500,000 people being born again through mass crusades, revivals and church services. Paul says: "I love what I am doing. I have a passion for souls. Many years ago, some people told me that if I marry or go to Bible school, I would lose my calling for souls. Thirty years later, I am married to my friend and helpmate,

Winnie, have four wonderful sons and have obtained degrees in both Zimbabwe and the United States and I still love my work of preaching the gospel that souls might be saved by the Lord Jesus Christ."

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