“Money Has Ears and Simple To Attract” Dr Sacrifice Chirisa

CHITUNGWIZA – The concluding day of Glory Ministries Prosperity Revival closed with emphatic teaching by respected Pastor, medical practitioner and businessman – Dr Sacrifice Chirisa. “Money is simple. 

Satan does not want us to understand money principles. 

We have negative thinking about money, like the rich use magic. Whatever you criticise, you cannot attract. I am here to bring prosperity to you, with God nothing is impossible,” mentioned the esteemed entrepreneur.

Words by Tendai Sabao and Derick Matsengarwodzi

He added that everything created has ears.
“You speak against money and you will not join the rich. You cannot attract money when you fear it – money was created and has ears. Jesus spoke to the fig tree and it responded. Your financial solutions are within you.”

Dr Chirisa, who has given nine cars, is a proponent of seeding.
“Money Has Ears and Simple To Attract” Dr Sacrifice Chirisa
“When Jesus had money problems he used Peter to fish so that they could pay their taxes. The African church has talent but some believe money will come from nowhere. God gave people ideas to prosper like Isaac was instructed to sow – money follows ideas. When you seed it opens doors for you. Giving create space to get rich.” 

He supported his teaching by mentioning that, money does not respect education; people are poor due to lack of knowledge while businesses fail due to lack of training.

Congregates attending the revival had uplifting testimonies.

Kudakwashe Nyenza, from the latest Glory Ministries assembly in Vera Seke said, “Yes when you need money you can pray – but if you want money you seed money.”

“I learnt that God started the principle of farming. Most people that succeeded in the bible were farmers. For you to prosper you need the word, it carries potential power,” said Chenjerai Hlabathi. – Glory Media
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