Jacob's Life: Founders Day Word By Bishop Never Muparutsa

Many of us we have a very prophetic servant of God who prophecies to us and they are also those who are prophesied to by God. But however, even the prophetic word from God will not come to pass unless you act upon it.

When Rebbeca was given a prophetic word it went against the norm and tradition which said the older.

Founders Day Word: Bishop Never Muparutsa
Title: Jacob's life
Scripture: Genesis 27:1-9, 30:31-36,31:10

Is the one to take up from where the Father left and rule above the younger.

Jacob ordered Esau to prepare game meat the way he liked. The problem with us is that when we appreciate our father you appreciate with what you like and how you like it. Esau had to use his own strength and resources to find the game that was required for him to attain a blessing.
Jacob's Life: Founders Day Word By Bishop Never Muparutsa
Look at the dream you have and the appreciation you have. Rebbeca ordered Jacob to go and kill 2goats so that she might prepare it the way the Father liked. Always weigh your gift to attain your prophetic destination.

When Jacob was eating the meat he ate alone. Allow your father to eat alone. When people give they give their sorrows troubles, curses and demons. It only takes those with the grace to carry the burdens of people to partake of it. So never go begging to your pastors because once they give you what they received from people you also carry the burdens there of.

After Isaac had eaten he changed the entire middle East to become prosperous as he pronounced a blessing on Jacob. Jacob's gift made Bahrain what it is today. When ever you decide to bless your pastor to speak and reject every curse upon your life. Israel and the Middle East is well known for morning dew which turns to rivers because of a blessing upon Jacob.

When Jacob was blessed he left the house with only a stick. A blessing is better than material possession. As Jacob went by anyone who would come against him even when Jacob is at fault would be in trouble. Never fight against someone who has a blessing because the blessing will fight for them. Never compete with a blessed person.

While in Laban's house Jacob tended Laban's flock and they agreed that Jacob was to take all the speckled animals. But Laban tricked him and sent his sons away with the speckled animals.

Never trick a man with a blessing. 

When Jacob was tricked God showed him in a dream male speckled animals mating with the other animals and the Lord said to Jacob it is because I have seen what Laban did to you. In tricking a blessed man the Lord sees and will bless the man even more. May God add a blessing to what the enemy has taken away from you. Jacob owned more than what Laban had because he carried a blessing.

Jacob/ Isreal became a very great man because he learnt how to acquire a blessing through giving.
Jacob's Life: Founders Day Word By Bishop Never Muparutsa
May God transform your life and add more to what you have as you give and honour the servant of God.

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