The Power of Honoring Your Pastor

A pastor never gets to say “It’s after office hours, I’m off work.” There is no punching out at 5.30pm. More often than not, pastors have to miss countless family outings or have them interrupted to minister to hurting people. 

They play multiple roles—from mediator to organizer or cheerleader to teacher, they juggle many roles and responsibilities when caring for the congregation.

A pastor is often seen as strong, never tired, with an endless amount of passion, never discouraged, and ever-ready to pray and minister. Yet, they do have struggles you know not of, and fears that are never publicly displayed—only reserved for pouring out unto the Lord.

The call of a pastor extends beyond the individual; it also involves their families. Many times, a pastor’s family is deprived of their father, mother, son or daughter. Weekend family gatherings are almost impossible for pastors. For many pastors, turning up for these gatherings after an exhausting weekend is hardly being present at all. Family holidays are just as difficult to arrange. Church camps take place during the school holidays. Special church events are held on public holidays. What about Christmas? You get the idea.

Spouses become part of the waiting ministry as 10-minute conversations extend into hour-long counselling sessions. Children face intense scrutiny as their lives are measured against the yardstick of godliness. The pressure to be perfect is compounded by expectations from the congregation.

The sacrifices made when individuals answer the call to serve the Lord and His people in the ministry are not to get a pat on their backs. It is driven by a call higher than themselves. Their life motto is to serve. Their end goal? To glorify God. Their reward is received in the form of transformed lives, and souls saved for eternity. Giving of themselves to their congregation or their ministry helps equip and grow the church in loving God and doing His will. Their times of prayer in solitude provides a spiritual covering for the church. Their deep study of the Word provides spiritual food for a strong church. Their leadership gives direction so their congregation is not scattered. For the sake of the call, pastors do much for their sheep at great expense of their own lives and their families.
The Power of Honoring Your Pastor

As Glory Ministries, we instituted Founder’s day to honour and appreciate the founder and Bishop of Glory Ministries Apostle Pride Sibiya. More so we introduced Mega Sundays to appreciate our pastors. Some might wonder if it’s necessary. After all, pastors are just doing their job! They knew what they were getting into!

It’s important to understand that the concept of honouring our pastors is biblical. In 1 Thessalonians 5:12, Paul commands us to “acknowledge those who work hard among you, who care for you in the Lord and who admonish you.” Moreover, they are to be held “in the highest regard” (5:13) and are worthy of “double honour” (1 Timothy 5:17).
Honouring and appreciating our pastors doesn’t just benefit them, it is also for those who receive their ministry. In fact, we are being thankful to the Lord for our pastors and it’s of great benefits

Firstly, being thankful protects us from taking our pastors for granted.
I will not be the leader I am today if not for my pastor who believed in me and saw past all my shortcomings. When we reflect upon the goodness we have received from our pastors, we learn to appreciate that our growth in the Lord is not in our strength or ability but by the Lord’s provision of men and women to teach and disciple us.

Secondly, being thankful prevents a complaining spirit from spreading.

“The new worship pastor is too loud”, “The preaching was sort of lacklustre today”, “The Word is not deep enough”, “The church is getting too big” etc. Complainers think grumbling is a form of discernment. It is not—in fact, it is toxic and it can spread. Ephesians 5:4 (ESV) “Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking, which are out of place, but instead let there be thanksgiving.” Give thanks and allow the Lord to change your focus, and renew your mind and heart.

Thirdly, being thankful pleases God and releases His blessings.
The Power of Honoring Your Pastor

When we obey God’s command to us to honour our pastors and leaders, divine alignment happens and opens up the door for continued blessings in our lives.

I look forward to seeing how our hearts of thanksgiving will change the atmosphere in our hearts and in our churches as we celebrate our Bishop. Founder’s day is on the 8th of December. We will be honouring our Bishop in cash and kind. In terms of cash, we are targeting that every adult contributes 10usd, Sunday school 2usd and the youths have a project to buy a car. Don’t let this opportunity of attracting blessings pass you by.

Together we can do it

Founder’s Day woyeeee

International Overseer
Apostle S Masenyama

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