Defending The Anointing – Your Lead Pastor Should Not Handle Church Funds (Part 9)

Bishop Pride Sibiya has been in the trenches ministering the gospel for over two decades now.

He is the Founding President and Presiding Bishop of Glory Ministries. Amongst his many sons and daughters; I have been priviledged to directly manage and administer him since July 2013.

He triples up as my Lead Pastor, District Pastor; and Bishop of Glory Ministries. In addition to that, he has numerous outside engagements; both at ministerial and professional levels.

Bishop Pride Sibiya is a married man with three daughters. His immediate family broadens up to include his biological mother, sister siblings, in-laws, close relatives and many other dependents who also live with him.

It is a herculean task to manage a Kingdom General of that magnitude. It calls for much more dedication, service and sacrifice. What I am going to share in this article series is informed by both experience and revelation.

9. Your Lead Pastor Should Not Handle Church Funds: Over the years, many pastors fallen victim to the love of money. They have been tricked by the devil to handle church money in the pretext of safeguarding it. In the process, they were hoodwinked into using church money with a mentality that they “will reimburse it”; and then failed to reimburse the church funds!
Defending The Anointing – Your Lead Pastor Should Not Handle Church Funds (Part 9)

Some churches have gone on to split because their lead pastor is implicated in financial shenanigans.

As the most accountable executive of the church, the lead pastor should always manage resources under his jurisdiction, money included. No assets should be transferred in or out of the church without his knowledge. This is in line with both heavenly precepts which makes him answer to God on behalf of everything under his purview; and earthly corporate governance principles that require separation of powers.
However, as much as your lead pastor should manage the church and its resources; but he must not handle church money. The risk is just too much.

May God bless you in your service as you defend the anointing.
Defending The Anointing – Your Lead Pastor Should Not Handle Church Funds (Part 9)
Tapiwa Zuze –

Tapiwa Zuze is the Senior Administrator at Bethel Worship Centre; under Glory Ministries. He is the Administrator of his Spiritual Father and Lead Pastor; Bishop Pride Sibiya and Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya. To learn more, you can contact him on his website – – or email address – 

His contact numbers are +263773242721 (Zimbabwe) or +263719242741 (Zimbabwe). This article series is a summary extract from his oncoming book on managing and administering servants of God.

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