Life Beyond Stagnancy and Vicious Cycles - Abgirl Chinoruma Testimony!

Harare – Pastor Abgirl Chinoruma hates the devil with a passion, hence her passion for deliverance. During her early years, her family indulged in spiritual mediums and sacrificial worship.

But all their actions were in vain.

“I do deliverance and it is my passion to see people being delivered. I do not hesitate to go for it. I hate the devil with a passion because I grew up in a family were we worshipped dead spirits but nothing changed,” she recalls.

Before the Chinoruma family joined Glory Ministries, their life had remained stagnant, moving in circles.

“When we came to Glory Ministries we were very poor and sinking in poverty. Apostle Pride Sibiya taught us to pay tithes and what it means to pay the full tithes because some take part of the money and believe they are tithing.”

Their encounter with Apostle Sibiya was a few days after their wedding. After an initial visit in 2004, they became permanent members.

Pastor Abgirl Chinoruma Profile (Glory Ministries Zimbabwe Overseer)
“He taught me to tithe from the gross salary not from the net salary and 2004 was our turning point we paid our tithes faithfully and we got breakthroughs. We were able to buy a brand new bed set which we had failed to buy for the past two years,” she remembers.

Overseer A. Chinoruma is an obedient daughter. She has followed her spiritual father’s prophetic words.

“I am currently enrolled at the Zimbabwe Open University pursuing a degree in early childhood development. The first year I had seven distinctions when Apostle Pride Sibiya declared that God has released an academic grace.”
Pastor Abgirl Chinoruma Profile (Glory Ministries Zimbabwe Overseer)
Pastor Abgirl Chinoruma Profile (Glory Ministries Zimbabwe Overseer)
As national Overseers, they have a heavy workload of supervising many assemblies, but they continue to learn from their spiritual father, Apostle Sibiya.

“He housed many people in his own home, Satanists, witchdoctors extra and he would deliver them fully. This has taught me to open my own home for people to come in. He taught me how to dress well and ministry ethics.”

She has nothing but praise for her spiritual parents, whom she calls models of love.
“They model true love, giving, wisdom and excellence. The way they respond to people in tiring times truly shows how much they value their flock.”

Within the Christian community, she singles out Apostle Mavis Gurupira, Apostle Eunor Guti – and her mother Pastor Anna Sibiya as her main influencers, describing her as a “prophetess, a mother, businesswoman, in fact, she is a woman of multiple intelligences.”

Born in 1978, in a family of eight, the couple is blessed with four girls. And her wish is to give back to the community in a big way.

“I see myself having ECD centres where I prepare children for formal schools and discover their talents and potential. I also want to open an orphanage centre. My heart is for young children.”
Pastor Abgirl Chinoruma Profile (Glory Ministries Zimbabwe Overseer)

Pastor Abgirl Chinoruma Profile (Glory Ministries Zimbabwe Overseer)

Pastor Abgirl Chinoruma Profile (Glory Ministries Zimbabwe Overseer)

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