Glenview Victory Deliverance Night with Apostle P. Sibiya (Transcript)

Speaker: Apostle P. Sibiya
Scripture: Judges 6:1-9

I hate the devil and I hate poverty, I hate poverty more than I hate the devil.
No more Midianites!

Midianites were the sons of Abram and were related to the Israelites. Many of the curses that have come upon your life came from the people that are related to you. 

It was in the land of Midian where Mores took a wife called Zipporah and they had a son. But now in the book of Judges we see the same people who used to fear God joining forces with the Moabites (those that do not fear God). 

When they joined hands they hired a prophet to curse the Israelites. This is how the Midianites became the enemy of the Israelites, a house which once feared God has changed because of the devil. The Midianites became the enemies of the Israelites such that when the devil wanted to destroy the Israelites he used the Midianites to lure them into prostitution. 

Having a small house is not a prestigious thing or a cause for celebration, again it is not because the devil loves you so much but that’s his means to cause destruction to your life. 

When the children of Israel cried to God the bible says God said to them, kill the Midianites and do not spare them. The Midianites in this regard are not people but forces that have invaded your life to destroy it.
Glenview Victory Deliverance Night with Apostle P. Sibiya (Transcript)

Sin is not a good thing. Do not just enter a church to receive miracles and cars, but enter with the intention to receive Holiness. When the Israelites sinned against God, He gave them over to their enemies. When you sin against God even the things you used to overcome will begin to overcome you.

Israel came to a point where they were tired of the wars around them, they cried to God for deliverance. When things get hard in your life do not turn to social media or other people but always turn to God. God heard their cry and He raised a deliverer, the servant of God or pastor in your life is an answer from God. When you cry to God his answer is always the birth of a servant of God. A servant of God is God’s answer to your prayer.

In the case of the Israelites, God raised a Gideon. And in greeting, he said,” The Lord is with you oh man of valour” Gideon in response despised himself. God is speaking to someone tonight, someone who looks down upon themselves, someone who is in a situation where there is no hope, because it is in your weakness where the strength of God is reviewed. God has chosen to use the foolish things of this world to bring to nothing the wisdom of this world. 

When God raised Gideon he ordered him to deal with the altars that were set by his fathers. You also have to deal with the altars that have been set in your life. 

In families there are many altars that have been set, some still hold on to the traditional way of doing things like, brewing beer for the dead, praying and worshipping the dead. How can a dead man who died poor bring prosperity to you when he is dead? 
Glenview Victory Deliverance Night with Apostle P. Sibiya (Transcript)
Can a dead car pull a car in a good condition? In the same manner, the dead will never help those that are living. If you want to redeem your life certain altars must be broken, some dog-like characters should be left behind

When Gideon was afraid, God made him hear a dream that his enemy had. Do not be afraid of anything because your enemy is having dreams that are causing terror to them. Sometimes the troubles that you are facing are because the devil is afraid of what God has shown him concerning you

How Midianite Operate:

1. They invade a country or your life. When they invade the act like they are one of you. You can identify them easily because when they invade them:

2. Take your land.

3. Ruin crops and not the seed, they allow you to plant, till and see the fruits but upon the Harvest time, they come and destroy the produce. They allow you to have a boyfriend\girlfriend and be in love but will never allow you to get married.

4. They destroy sheep, cattle and donkeys, (Substance).

How God will Destroy the Midianites:

Isaiah 60:6

Declare Isaiah 60; 6 and let it be your portion in Jesus’ mighty name!Glenview Victory Deliverance Night with Apostle P. Sibiya (Transcript)

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