Prophet Godfrey Dhliwayo Shares Ten (10) Things Learnt From The Life Apostle Pride Sibiya

My name is Prophet Godfrey Dhliwayo, the leader of Faith Alive International Ministries (FAIM) – a church exerting much influence. 

We are a ministry apostolic and prophetic in calling, and visionary in nature committed to boldly impacting millions for Christ in all spheres of life.

But through my spiritual father, Apostle Pride Sibiya, I have learnt a lot of things – and continue to gain more through his exemplary leadership and vision. 

Below are ten life lessons that I have learnt from him:

1. Humble beginnings: We are told that on the first Sunday service of Glory Ministries Apostle Sibiya was by himself. The second Sunday service, the now international overseer for Glory Ministries came and became the second member of the ministry. Job 8v7 says: Though your beginning was small, yet your latter end would increase abundantly"

Written By Prophet Godfrey Dhliwayo

This teaches us to appreciate our humble beginnings. Each and everyone has a story to tell where God has taken them from. Apostle Sibiya obeyed the voice of God by just starting with whatever little resources available. Many people would be discouraged to be part of a ministry with only one or two people at the beginning.

Our God rewards faithfulness. Apostle Pride Sibiya, the founder and president of Glory Ministries now has over 100 assemblies in the SADC region. Dr Mensa Otabil once said, “Little seeds become great trees. Little steps lead to great destinations. Little ideas can open great opportunities. Don’t despise the little you have. Nurture it faithfully. Though your beginning may be small, your latter end will greatly increase”. 

10 Things I Have Learnt From The Life Of My Spiritual Father Apostle P. Sibiya
And we see this on our father.

2. Love all: The Man called Apostle Pride Sibiya, loves everybody. I am amazed when I see him at times playing with little children and taking pictures with them. You see him after church posing for pictures with the worship team, ushers and hostess. To me, this teaches us that ministry is teamwork and team spirit. You can see Apostle Sibiya visiting people in their homes regardless it is a shack. People inside the church and outside are treated with dignity and respect. 

His love for people and obedience have led many into the Kingdom of God

3. Humility: 1 Peter 5:6 says: Humble yourself therefore under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time. Being humble does not mean that one is a weakling. The humility upon Apostle Sibiya is what is lacking in many servants of God and preachers today. Humble leaders everywhere help people feel purposeful, motivated and energized.

4. Giving and sowing in the Kingdom of God: Proverbs 11:25 says A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed. Apostle Pride Sibiya has purposed to give his time, resources, expertise to glorify God. At one time he had sowed cars for the advancement of the kingdom of God. Not many church leaders are able to part with a car.
Prophet Godfrey Dhliwayo Shares Ten (10) Things Learnt From The Life Apostle Pride Sibiya
Prophet Godfrey Dhliwayo Shares Ten (10) Things Learnt From The Life Apostle Pride Sibiya 

From his lifestyle of giving we have learnt the kingdom principle of sowing and reaping. What you sow is what you reap. If someone sow a banana tree they must not expect to reap plums. It’s vital to sow the right seeds always. Some of God's people try to increase illegally. If you don't put a seed in the ground, you don't have any rights to the harvest. ALL increase in the kingdom of God comes from sowing seeds.

5. Use of technology: Apostle Pride Sibiya says we must "Use technology for the Glory of God". Some born again Christians say they cannot be on WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter because it is evil. Christians should use technology as a way of preaching the gospel. Jesus said we are the light of the world so the Christians must shine by using technology to preach, encourage, rebuke, prepare the church for the work of the ministry and perfection for Christ's coming.

Thus, today's church ministers must quickly adapt and use technology. He encourages his sons and daughters in the Lord to write on blogs, use WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to influence a larger audience.

6. Integrity and morality teachings: 1 Chronicle 29:17 says I know, my God, that you test the heart, and are pleased with integrity. ...." Lack of integrity, lack of proper ministerial ethics and morality hinders the anointing and can cause one to fall and die young. Bishop Sibiya is an honest Christian leader who would not compromise his integrity for anything unethical. When he visited Port Elizabeth in 2017, he once remarked "musahura vakomana" meaning "don't commit adultery or sleep around".

He teaches a lot about self-control. From his life, I have learnt that you can be great but simple, you can be influential but approachable. At times you can see him not wearing suit and tie, at times an African attire, thus perfecting his African identity.

7. Honour: Exodus 20:12: "Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you." I honour and love this great servant of God as a father. He has taught me a lot about being a God-sent leader. Apostle Pride Sibiya has written a book about honour. 

This is not a surprise as he himself lives and practices that. He has visited and honoured many servants of God in Zimbabwe and beyond.

To honour means to show great respect, acknowledge and appreciate someone. He taught a great lesson to us about honour. He likened Honour to a seed. “If you plant honour, you will harvest honour" One of the ways is to honour authority in order to excise honour. When someone practices Honour, it will open the anointing and releases blessings in your long life.

8. Prayer and fasting: James 5:16 says: The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man, availeth much. Apostle Pride Sibiya is a man of prayer and fasting. Nowadays prayer is one of the most neglected spiritual disciplines in the lives of Christian leaders and the church. We know that prayer and fasting was not only a part of the lifestyle of many major leaders in the Scriptures but even in the life of Jesus Christ. When we live prayerful lives, it shows us our own dependence on God. This year l have been greatly challenged as this great servant of God went on 90days prayer and fasting.

9. Marriage and family: In Psalm 127:1-2 God's word declares, If the Lord does not build the house, the work of the builders is useless; if the Lord does not protect the city, it does no good for the sentries to stand guard. Our God is the builder of marriages, families, businesses, careers, ministries, people's dreams, individual lives, nations and destinies, etc.

Apostle Sibiya writes a lot on Facebook and other social media platforms about marriage, family lifelong a marriage set up when a man makes her wife happy he becomes happy too. Apostle Pride Sibiya believes that without strong families and churches the nation will be weak. These three institutions that were ordained by God are connected in transformation: the family, the Church and the nation.

Each of these three institutions affects the others for example when there is a problem in a nation, families and churches are affected. He has been a prophetic voice for Zimbabwe with his message: There is hope for Zimbabwe, I have learnt that we have a special role to play. Let's help build the family, let's help build the church and let's help build the nation. If I want a better marriage I must be better myself if someone wants a better church, a better nation, we must all be better.

10. Visionary: Proverbs 29:18 says Where there is no vision, the people perish. This is mind-blowing. I believe every Christian leader knows this by heart: Where there’s no vision people perish and l would like to add this: Where there is vision people flourish. 

Visionary leadership is the key to organisational success.

Apostle pride Sibiya is an exemplary and visionary church leader who has dedicated his life to planting churches all over and winning more souls into the kingdom of God. His messages are clear and understandable to the body of Christ.
Prophet Godfrey Dhliwayo Shares Ten (10) Things Learnt From The Life Apostle Pride Sibiya
Prophet Godfrey Dhliwayo Shares Ten (10) Things Learnt From The Life Apostle Pride Sibiya 

About Prophet Godfrey Dhliwayo

Prophet Godfrey Dhliwayo is the founder and president of Faith Alive International Ministries (FAIM.) The ministry was started on 13 April 2014. Currently, the church has 18 assemblies in Zimbabwe and South Africa respectively.  Godfrey Dhliwayo was born on 2 December 1973 in Chipinge Zimbabwe. He is a holder of several diplomas including Leadership and Ministry, Accountancy, Credit Management and currently studying for a degree in Christian Entrepreneurship. He is married to a beautiful wife, Pastor Kerina Dhliwayo, affectionately called pastor Kay and the two are blessed with two children both boys: Godwin Tapfumiswa Dhliwayo  (17years) and Nokutenda Dhliwayo  (14 years)

The headquarters of FAIM is in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. I am humbled to contribute a write up about my spiritual father, Apostle Pride Sibiya. Thank you Bishop Pride Sibiya. There is a bigger reason l met you and am your son. 

Thank you Bishop P. Sibiya for being a father, whose voice l listen too.

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