God is Speaking a New Life Says Apostle Pride Sibiya

Chitungwiza – Exactly fifteen minutes before 2am, a thunderous applause transformed the atmosphere. After hours of waiting, the hour had finally dawned.

The ovation signalled the entrance of the host, Apostle Pride Sibiya on stage. The servant of God carried the hope of many afflicted congregates, who had braved the bitter weather – and he delivered as anticipated, delivering a message of deliverance that he has preached on other platforms.

“It is a fact, there is a God somewhere. God is alive; He belongs to a class of his own. God and Satan will never fight; if it happens, God will have lowered His standards. God was never born and will never die.
“If you do not fight Satan, no one will ever fight him. Because of your past, Satan wants to determine your future. Jesus died, he became sin, so I might become wholly. Today, God is speaking a new life in your life. Whatever you did in nullified by the blood of Jesus. I speak the blood of Jesus in your past and future,” said Apostle Sibiya.

Apostle Sibiya who has continually engaged in spiritual battles to free those bonded by demons since his calling into the pastoral, will host similar all-night sessions around the country.

To receive your total deliverance, follow Apostle Sibiya on his social platforms.

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