Four Fights You Must Fight with Apostle P. Sibiya (Deliverance Explosion Night Transcript)

Title: The Four Fights Every Person Must Engage In

Scripture: Psalm 144:1, Romans 8:37

It is a fact that God is alive. There is a real God out there and there is also a real devil out there. Demons and spirits are as real and it is a fact that God is alive to fight for us.

God and Satan belong to two different levels. The devil is a created being and God is the creator. God will never fight the devil because he lives in a realm which is beyond the realm of the devil. I and you and the devil are on the same level. That is the reason why the bible says to clothe yourself with the weapon of welfare. If you do not fight the devil no one will fight the devil for you.

Everyone has a past and the devil is excited about your past because he knows that it carries weaknesses that he can use to fight against you. The devil concentrates on past failures and speaks words against you. Whilst doing that he overlooks the fact that your past also carries a special event that happened 2019 years ago.

 When Jesus died for you on the cross of Calvary and whipped out every handwriting of ordinances which was written against you.

Chitungwiza Allnight with Apostle P. Sibiya

Everyone has different fights that they need to fight. There is a need for you to be geared for fights all the time

Things you need to fight with:

1. Yourself: If you don't fight against yourself you will die blaming others for your failure. There are certain lust and desires that are always after you. You need to come to a level where you exercise self-control. You need to deal with many irrational behaviours fighting against you. 1 Corinthians 9:26

There are certain things that are following in your blood. You need to stand and cut ties with spirits that follow your bloodline.

2. Other people: This battle is not fought with back to the sender, but it is fought with love. Hatred envy and anger are the languages of the devil, for you to overcome the devil you have to move away from his territory and operate in love. God can answer you in the angelic realm (angels are sent to fight on your behalf,). Or he can answer you in his sovereign state( God himself comes down to personally fight on your behalf. God can also answer you through what he has. Micah 7:8

3. God: The Bible tells us that God does not change. He does not change his character but he changes his attributes. Jacob had to fight with God for his name to change to Israel.

Whatever you are fighting against now you must know that significant people suffer significant trials. You have to persist and never get weary. But you must keep on asking till you have acquired all that you have prayed for.

4. Demons: When you have yourself, others and God on your side, you need to realize that you have to also fight the devil and his demons. 1Samuel 30:1-6. You have to pursue overtake and recover all. Whether the devil likes it or not we have to conquer the devil and oppose every negative word that the devil has declared over your life.

You have to fight demonic forces channelled against your life and obtain your freedom.
Chitungwiza Allnight with Apostle P. Sibiya

Chitungwiza Allnight with Apostle P. Sibiya

Chitungwiza Allnight with Apostle P. Sibiya

Chitungwiza Allnight with Apostle P. Sibiya

Chitungwiza Allnight with Apostle P. Sibiya

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