#FillUpAquatic: The Four Important Fights You Must Engage in with Apostle P. Sibiya

Chitungwiza – “You have to fight for something. Life allows us to fight for some things to happen,” revealed Apostle Pride Sibiya.

Addressing congregates during the Explosion Deliverance Night at the Aquatic Complex, he taught on four levels of fights that one must engage to overcome in life.

1. Fight against yourself: You must have self control. Do not let lust ruin your life, sometimes it is not evil spirits fighting you. Fight rumours and be ethical in your life.

2. Fight other people: As Christians, we do not fight with hatred or bitterness but we use love. Never fight Satan with his tools. God answers prayers in the human realm, using a man or a woman.

3. Fight God: God does not change his character or his attitude but you must continue to pray until something happens in your life.

4. Demons and Satan: Now that you have fought all three, and they are now on your side, you now have to fight against demonic spirits. Demons and witches operate on the lowest level. Anti-Christ operate at the next level.

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