Chronicles Of Motherhood - 12 Lessons From Pastor Anna Sibiya - Love of the Common People (Part 1)

Cassie Hilt, a contributor on the Huff Post Blog, defines Motherhood as “looking into your child’s eyes and seeing nothing but love”.

When I came to Glory Ministries (; I was at the lowest point of my earthly adult life, with all the wheels of balance threatening to rip-off an otherwise promising future. I came straight into the hands of Bishop (Apostle) Pride Sibiya ( and Mother General (Pastor) Anna Tendayi Sibiya.

Written By Tapiwa Zuze (

The first herculean task for these servants of God was to convince me to regain my full confidence, self-esteem and trust in the Lord. They invited me and my wife Regina Tatenda Zuze (God bless her) to their homestead then; №14418 Zengeza 3 Extension, Chitungwiza. This was in June 2013; and the meeting took five hours (18:00–23:00 hours).
Chronicles Of Motherhood - 12 Lessons From Pastor Anna Sibiya - Love of the Common People (Part 1)
This day, I will always remember. It changed so many facets of my life and destiny.

Mother General, as Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya is affectionately known in Glory Ministries’ circles (and even beyond); has wielded possibly the greatest influence in shaping and correcting my “internal fragile person”. This fragility dates back to my troubled childhood life; which ironically resonates with her own upbringing: A life of pioneering; a life of building family foundations; a life of marking footprints for successive generations to follow. It is a life that is very painful and given a choice one cannot choose that path.

“I can see that sometimes when you are standing in front of people, that old person of yours; where you grew up under tough environments and circumstances; shows up without you even knowing it”, she jokingly narrated to me when we were doing a review meeting of the Business Service on March 10, 2019. Woooow is that so mom?? We have gone far further is discussions with my spiritual mother (more so when we do Mother-Son talk in private).

She normally corrects me citing her own personal past mistakes in life. “I failed ABC in life because I had not dealt well with my XYZ past. However, I have since done MNO to correct the XYZ past anomalies”, such are her reference points when she is correcting me. With my spiritual mother, we have dealt directly, indirectly, jointly and partially on many assignments and facets over the years. We have done so both in her capacity as my spiritual mother and my assembly pastor.
Chronicles Of Motherhood - 12 Lessons From Pastor Anna Sibiya - Love of the Common People (Part 1)
Chronicles Of Motherhood - 12 Lessons From Pastor Anna Sibiya - Love of the Common People (Part 1)
Having learned much on her chest over the years for spiritual motherly comfort, I have come to learn of so many things from her. And in this birthday-celebratory article, I have picked twelve of my top most life lessons that I have learnt through her exemplary life. They could be different from anybody depending on their relationship and proximity of access. But to me and my family, we can testify of these life-changing lessons.

1. Love of the Common People: When I got closer to Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya, I was just an ordinary person in society. And over the years, I have seen her embrace “common people” in society, treating them with the utmost importance and relevance. This has made her an integral member of the “common people”. It’s very hard to pick Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya in the crowds. One of the stand-out images in my mind happened on 24 February 2019; when Glory Ministries (Bethel District) was celebrating its seventeenth anniversary through donating to Mawunganidze Children’s Home in Chitungwiza.

My standout moment was when Mother General stood up holding a young baby girl named Ebenezer in her hands. This child’s infancy is littered with tears of pains of rejection and abandonment. “After hearing her story, I just fell in love with Ebenezer”, narrates Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya.
This is a story for another day. On that day, the Mawunganidze family got the chance to experience first-hand motherly from Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya.


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