Five Steps To Change Your Attitude

Having wrong attitudes can prevent you from making the changes you desire. Wrong attitudes hinder you financially. They hinder your relationships. 

They hinder your ability to make progress in your job. They hinder every area of your life. Your attitudes make or break you. They can propel you toward success or drag you to defeat.

Because of that, I want to teach you ways you can change your attitude today. An attitude is what you really believe about something down deep on the inside.

5 Steps to Change Your Attitude:

1. ACCEPT PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY: Have you ever caught your children doing something wrong? Kids tend to shift the blame. If you catch them with their hands in the cookie jar, they will try to blame someone else. They might even blame you for making such good cookies!

Many adults, unfortunately, also suffer from this blame-shifting syndrome. Many people lose interest in transformation when they find out they are personally responsible for making it happen.
Five Steps To Change Your Attitude
Remember that if things are going to change for you, you must change. You have to be willing to give up all your excuses. Start by changing your attitude.

2. TAKE PERSONAL CONTROL: Once you’ve accepted responsibility, it’s time to take control. Making a personal choice about what you’re going to do with your life is the single most independent thing you can do. God gave the power of choice so you can take personal control.

The truth is, we never stop being influenced by someone else’s standards. As adults, we are still constantly bombarded with messages to be, think, or look a certain way.

You must take personal control of your life and refuse to be ruled by somebody else’s opinion.

3. EXPECT THE BEST: The next step to change your attitude is to expect the best. I want you to think right now what your expectations are concerning your marriage, your wealth, and your children. Are they negative or are they positive?

Expecting the best is as simple as making a decision to see your future in a positive light. I like to have three or four things about which I am expecting the best on my mind and any given time. I expect the best for my family. I expect the best for my businesses, and I expect the best for my finances.
I write down my expectations so I will have something to be excited about at all times.

4. TAKE ACTION: The next step to change your attitude is learning to take action. Many people see what they need to accomplish, think about where they need to go, dream about all the possibilities, but never take any action.

Change only occurs when you begin to take action toward your desired goal. The actions you take must be harmonious with the outcome you desire.

5. CONFIDENTLY DESIGN YOUR FUTURE: To design your future, you have to identify your priorities and values. You have to determine the things that are meaningful to you. You need to be willing to call the shots in your life. You have to be willing to pick up the pen and compose an ending to your story.

Determining your core values and the goals that branch from those values will help you define your purpose. Knowing your purpose then becomes the strongest incentive for you to make the necessary changes in your life.
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