What Is Glory Ministries? Why The Name “Glory Ministries”?

Glory Ministries is a Christian ministry organization (or rather, an “Organism”) founded,in 2001, under the apostolic ministry God called me to, in the southern African nation of Zimbabwe (its vision will be discussed later in the following article). 

Being an international ministry, we have to touch the five continents of the earth and the Islands. The ministry is a household apostolic brand or an umbrella ministry housing a number of ministries no wonder its name is in the plural. The ministries’ name is derived from a prophetic word given me by God in 1997: “… you shall no longer be called Pride, but you are Kabod, the glory.” 
What Is Glory Ministries? Why The Name “Glory Ministries”?
The word, “kabod” is a Hebrew word for “glory” which has the root idea of “heaviness”, or “weight” or “worthiness.” It is used to describe wealth, splendour, reputation, honour of either God or men. The most important concept is centred around God, Yahweh. According to the New Bible Dictionary, it denotes the revelation of God’s nature, His splendour, reputation (honour) and presence to humanity, sometimes accompanied with physical phenomena. In the wilderness Israel was accompanied by the kabod cloud (Exodus 16:7, 10).

Seeing the kabod is equivalent to seeing God (Exodus 33:18-20). In the New Testament, the Greek word is doxa. In short doxa is depicted as the glory which is manifested by the revelation of the character and presence of God in the Person and work of Jesus Christ (Hebrews 1:3)

After one of my 30-day fasts in 2001, God spoke to me: “…you shall see the glory of the Lord, you shall heal the sick, you shall heal the lame, blind eyes will surely open, I’ll send you to places you have never been before. Obey me and I will anoint you.” On the 20th of July 2004 the Lord said to me, “you are my servant, I have chosen you to bring my glory to the people.”

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Glory Ministries is an international movement which was founded in 2001 by Apostle P. Sibiya, in Chitungwiza, Zengeza, the greater part of Harare, Zimbabwe. It is a global ministry with the vision of taking God's glory to the nations of the world. Bishop Pride Sibiya
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