Founders Day - Honouring Apostles Pride and Anna Sibiya Our Life-source

For this reason I bow my knees to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, from whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named. Ephesians 3:14‭-‬15 NKJV.

There are two words that can describe a father.

1. Pater a greek word which means patriarch. This word is associated with respect, so it means we must respect our father and one way to show respect is by honouring him.

2. Abba , an Aramaic word which means daddy. A person whom you call daddy is dear to you and close to you. We must be close to our daddy.

All things visible and invisible comes from God the father and he duplicated it on earth by instituting biological and spiritual fatherhood.
Founders Day - Honouring Apostles Pride and Anna Sibiya Our Life-source
A father is a life source. Without a father there is no family. Source means the place of origin, that is where we originated from. A father is progenitor of everything. He is a source of life because he carries the seed , source of knowledge, power , wealth, love e.t.c . lt's the father who carries the name of the family. A father is not a resource but a source. Resources are temporal and a source is permanent.
Thank God that as Glory Ministries we have a source and an extension of God's hand through our father Apostle Sibiya. He is a blessing in our lives. All that we want is locked up in him, the wife or husband you are looking for, the job , business, house you name it, is all locked up in our own source. Some of the things that you pray for are looked up in him and as Glory Ministries we want to unlock our blessings by celebrating and honouring our father and mother Apostle Pride and Anna Tendayi Sibiya the founder's and visionary of Glory Ministries.

3 December is founder's day and on this day we are going to honour our parents. Every son and daughter is going to contribute at least $30 or more towards the targeted$ 50 000. Please start now because it may be difficult for you to raise it at once. I want to encourage all of you to carry something towards this day on Sunday as you go to church.

Together we can make it.

Founder's day Woyeeeeeee!!

Love you all

Apostle S. Masenyama

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