A Happy Spouse Can Help Improve Your Health

When two people decide to marry, they’re agreeing to love and care for each other until the end of their days. The goal of that union is more than just making oneself happy; it’s also about growing your spouse’s joy as well.

As satisfying as it is to have a happy partner, there are more benefits than just happiness at your disposal when you keep a harmonious relationship.

A new study published by the American Psychological Association reports that people with happy spouses experience greater overall health. Also, it seems our partners happiness contributes to our well being just as much as our own happiness does.

Previous research has found that happy people are generally healthier than people who see themselves as unhappy but this study took it further to find the results of happiness in relationships. Research found that the reason behind the health bump can be attributed to 3 different factors in a relationship.

1. Spousal Support: It’s been found that happy partners are more likely to offer stronger social support to their loved one than a person who is less satisfied with their life.

This support includes caretaking, empathy, advice, and a compassionate shoulder to lean on which will help a stressed partner overcome their troubles quicker and without lasting negativity.

A Happy Spouse Can Help Improve Your Health
Loving support like this is much different compared to a unhappy partner who is more likely to focused solely on their own stresses instead of being an advocate for their spouse.

2. Set The Tone: Another way happy partners add to their spouses’ health is through their ability to pull their love out of their comfort zone and into activities and environments that promote good health.

Happier people often have hobbies that encourage positive attitudes such as sports, yoga, or pastimes that explore creative passions. The happy spouse’s involvement will often pull their partner into that encouraging environment.

Happy spouses are also more likely to manage important factors such as enforcing regular sleep cycles, eating nutritious foods, and exercising. In these ways, the happier spouse is setting a very positive tone for the other to follow.

3. Take It Easy: At the very least, if being with a happy partner doesn’t explicitly make the other spouse happier, it is sure to make their life much easier.

Happy people are less likely to bring conflict into the relationship. This means that the possibility of martial infighting is not very high. They are also more likely to be in tune with their partner’s wants and needs because of their compassion and empathy.

If you are married to a generally happy person, they will be surrounded by much less drama so their positive energy is more to likely to focus on you!

Increasing your spouse’s happiness is actually a very simple investment that can pay off big time. Since small, heartfelt gestures mean the most to your partner, finding easy ways to grow your love’s happiness is a breeze.

Consider crossing off some of the tasks from your spouse-assigned “Honey-Do” list. Whenever you have free time, select a few tasks to work on and watch how happy completing them will make your better half. Don’t be too surprised if your honey-do completion motivates your loved one into working on their own list of chores!

Poor communication is the number one reason given for divorce but it’s the easiest conflict to avoid. Try increasing communication by leaving messages around the house for your spouse to find. The note passing system can help to send simple reminders to each other but it can also be used to pass on flirtatious love letters. Keep the exercise light and fun so it feels more like a game!

Partnerships can get stale but there are plenty of ways you can inject a little bit of the unexpected into your relationship. Try recreating your first date or surprise them with a serenade of your special song. Romantic revelations like these will remind your sweetheart that they are special to you and will make them feel happily loved.

In keeping your partner happy, you’re keeping yourself healthy. Make sure your spouse returns the favor so you both can reap the benefits of good health and a good relationship.

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