Tiyambuke 2016 - You Are Gifted So Eat On The Level Of Your Gift

We have a God given assignment and at the heart of this assignment, we discover our primary purpose. Our God given assignment and purpose provides the message or mission by which we live out of gifts and talents. 

Our instinctive life mission cannot be purposeless and powerful. In film development, the heart of a movie is the script. If the screenplay doesn’t feed the actor the lines she needs to develop a compelling character, then even the greatest actor becomes powerless to deliver the punch.

The giraffe has a tongue like no other animal. It can reach around branches and pull down fruit, and its fur-covered horns are strong enough to ram through any obstacle in its path. However, none of its attributes and strengths matter without the heart energizing the activity. Yes, the heart must function properly to sustain the body.

The giraffe inspires us to want to reach higher, to extend our abilities farther and taste new treetops. If you want to live by God's assignment, gifts, talents and instinct, feed your heart and stretch to the treetops!
Tiyambuke 2016 - You Are Gifted So Eat On The Level Of Your Gift
God has given you the tools When you are the tallest animal around, your life is pretty much all about being tall. What you eat, how you drink, the way you move, even how you fight: It's all thanks to your height. Just ask the giraffe, the tallest land animal on Earth. From hooves to ears, it's as tall as a two-story building! Its neck alone can be as long as an adult human is tall. But for the life a giraffe leads, tall is the best way to be. 

GIFTED WITH A LONG NECK TO EAT LEAVES ON YOUR LEVEL - When you are as tall as a tree, it makes sense that your body is built for eating leaves. And that's what giraffes do—for up to 20 hours a day! Giraffes live in Africa's savannas, or grasslands, where the weather is often very dry. They roam around, nibbling the leaves and tender shoots of thorny acacia (uh-KAY-shuh) trees. They sometimes stop to sip from waterholes, but they get most of the water they need from the leaves they eat.

Giraffes are well suited to an acacia diet, and not just because they are tall enough to reach the treetops. Their flexible lips and super-long tongues are able to pick around the acacia's sharp thorns. Also, giraffes have thick, slimy spit. Their spit coats any thorns they may swallow by mistake, and that keeps the sharp points from poking the giraffe's stomach. So to you, a prickly acacia tree may look like a plant to avoid. But to a giraffe, it looks like lunch.

Mealtime doesn't end when the giraffe swallows. That's because its stomach can't break down the tough plants it eats right away. So, like a cow, the giraffe coughs its food back up in a ball called cud. Then it chews and swallows the cud again.

ON THE MOVE - Even though giraffes spend most of their time grazing, sometimes they need to run—fast—to escape a lion or other threat. A giraffe can run more than 35 miles an hour. That's probably faster than the speed limit in your neighborhood!

It may sound hard to believe: an animal with a neck that can be used as a weapon, a tongue that can slurp right through thorns, and legs that carry it as fast as a car. But when it comes to the giraffe, this tall tale is 100 percent true!

LESSON - Giraffes eat and absorb most of their water from their plant-based diet, feasting on the tallest part of acacia trees. By eating at the level of their vision, they enjoy the richest nutrients. Nevertheless, giraffes still must get down low to drink water every couple of days. The stooping can be perilous as it leaves them vulnerable to attack. This means we have to “taste the treetops” as we live our highest vision for ourselves. At the same time, we must guard ourselves against lowering our perspectives.

With this in mind, here are three ways you can maintain your giraffe vision.

1. Set Up Your Space - When aiming to achieve a new level of success, it's imperative to articulate your giraffe vision all around you. Thoughts and words are powerful, but it's crucial to keep physical reminders around you at all times, too. Top performers do this all the time. Beyoncé, for example, kept a picture of an Academy Award taped up on her wall to help keep her motivated. You can maintain your giraffe vision in your car by listening to powerful books and songs that get your energy flowing. Your desk at work or at home should have colors, images and words that speak to you of success. When we keep our vision elevated and focus on what we really want out of life, the path rises to meet us. Once we tap into our own heights –– our own giraffe vision –– we will live out the life that we are striving for.

2. Don't Play In The Mud - In a now infamous Facebook study, over 689,000 people’s reactions to negativity were analyzed. The results were telling: The more negative the messages, images and people around you, the more negative you feel. Bishop T.D. Jakes writes, “Just because turtles dwell at your feet doesn’t mean you should come down from your height and barter with, debate, or eat alongside them.” The turtles in your life might question your politics, laugh at your spirituality, whisper about your career move. Do not get into the mud with them! It might only take a second to send an unpleasant email or to write a fuming post, but the energetic drain will deplete you for much longer. Rise from the fray and stop yourself in your tracks. Hit delete and leave the mud! The sky's the limit for you. Maintain your giraffe vision as you wish the turtles farewell.

3. Use Turtles As Fuel - Have you thanked the turtles in your life? One study, “The Role of Positivity and Connectivity in the Performance of Business Teams,” reached an unexpected conclusion: The more you are criticized, the better you perform. 50,000 leaders were studied; the ones who received the most negative comments from critics were also the ones to surpass expectations of productivity. In order to maintain giraffe vision, you can’t simply ignore the turtles. You must see them, hear their judgements and even feel gratitude for their attacks. Their attacks and judgements serve as immediate reminders to elevate your own thoughts, energy and actions; their words serve as clear warning signs to detach ourselves from them. We thank them for serving as examples of how we should never become. As they work to bring you down, steel your giraffe vision and pursue the high-minded life you envision for yourself.

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