Crossover Tips From Apostle Pride Sibiya

To Crossover Here Are A Few Tips I Feel In My Spirit:

1. Pray: Pray before leaving home for an encounter with God at Tiyambuke.
2. Come Early and Pray In The Shade For Your Transformation. Claim the prophetic word, pray for your destiny and that of Glory Ministries.
Apostle Pride Sibiya
3. Pay Up Your $ubscription. Every conference has a peculiar blessing, to tap meet a need of the conference. Panorohwa Satan isawo shamhu yako, zvifadze Mwari.
4. Bring Someone Not Born Again. When you touch sinners you are touching the heart of God.
5. Support Your Local Pastor In Some Way. Wako Mufundisi ngaasauye kumusangano usina kuita chimwe chinhu paari...ukabata ambassador wedenga wabata denga...tsvaga kana kaperfume, kumugadzira bvudzi, even R5 yekungoti mozotenga drink. To crossover be connected to Levites who bear the box of the Ark.
Apostle Pride Sibiya
6. Our Speakers Are People Who Have Walked With God. Their words arw very prophetic to our destiny. After hearing the Word pray very hard that it may change you
7. Always Bring An Offering. Do not appear before the Lord empty or risk leaving empty! Don't wait for Convention to end so you can tithe do it there. Bring your tithes and offerings in celebration, jubilation and dance. God loves cheerful givers
8. Expectation: Come with a heart full of expectation, Faith and anticipatory celebration
9. Sow Your Time: Seed your time, space, anointing, energy and money. Seed brings a harvest. Uncommon seed brings uncommon results.
10. Worship God: On Wednesday bring your own instrument and worship God like you have never done. Worship will bring down every Jericho.

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