Tiyambuke International Christian Convention with Apostle Pride Sibiya

Harare – Tiyambuke International Christian Convention (TICC) 2018 – a Glory Ministries conference draws its origins from the bible. 

The world-renowned gathering will commence on the 1st to the 9th of September, while the first two days are for children’s ministry.

New Beginning

Tiyambuke means crossing over to the other dimension to acquire new beginnings and blessings. “Tiyambuke means crossing over from lack into abundance, from nothingness to greatness – and from the lack of fear of God to the fear of God,” clarifies the founder, Apostle Pride Sibiya.
Tiyambuke International Christian Convention Set For Virtual Conference 2020

Children First

Tiyambuke embraces the concern of children by allocating them two full days to showcase their God-given talents. On the 1st and 2nd of September, parents will assume spectator seats as children lead the day’s proceedings.
What is TIYAMBUKE 2018
What is TIYAMBUKE 2018
One day is reserved for various sporting activities to stir talents plus unified energy. And children embraced the day with zeal – they crossed over first.

Building Kingdom’s Generals

Tiyambuke 2018 is the precise platform for you to attain a shift. Under the theme: Building Kingdoms Generals – TICC 2018 is a turnaround in believer’s’ lives – with Exodus 12:2 as the reference verse. This will be definitely an encounter with the Lord in healing, deliverance and the prophetic Word.

Biblical Roots

TICC brand has its strong origins on the gospel beginning with the crossover of Moses leading Israelites across the Red Sea. The chosen people moved from hunger to plenty, from lack to abundance. The rapture of Elijah is another imminent example that supports the yearly event.

The Speakers

Since its inception, TICC has hosted luminaries as guest speakers. Apostle Pride Sibiya’s spiritual father – Apostle Alexander Chisango comes laden with his memorable wisdom sermons – while Bishop Abel Sunday, Archbishop Asa Gurupira are some of the gospel personalities to grace Tiyambuke previously.
What is TIYAMBUKE 2018
What is TIYAMBUKE 2018
In 2018, the host Apostle Sibiya, Prophet Blessing Chiza, Apostle Chisango – regular ministers at TICC will grace the meeting.
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Glory Ministries is an international movement which was founded in 2001 by Apostle P. Sibiya, in Chitungwiza, Zengeza, the greater part of Harare, Zimbabwe. It is a global ministry with the vision of taking God's glory to the nations of the world. Bishop Pride Sibiya
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