Why Should I Go To Church - Book Review By Fatima Bulla

Have you ever, as a Christian, been stuck when trying to convince someone who also says he/she is a Christian but does not regularly attend church on the importance of fellowshipping with fellow believers?

You often get reactions like, “I can pray at home”, or “I prefer to read the Bible by myself”.

Well, for those who struggle to convince their peers on the importance of fellowship, the book “Why Should I Go to Church?” by Apostle Pride Sibiya could help.

It tackles various issues challenging modern Christians.

Apostle Sibiya takes time to explain what a church is before unfolding 10 chapters on reasons why one needs to go to church as a Christian.

In the very first chapter, he lays it out quite plainly that God commands people to go to church. Then he goes on to explain the power that is in unity and the need to have special fellowship and ministry.
Why Should I Go To Church - Book Review By Fatima Bulla

Apostle Sibiya posits that we need to share special activities, sacraments and testimonies — something we cannot do at home.

He speaks of how Christians take church attendance for granted yet they desire the support system the church provides when they are in trouble.

“I once prayed for a young man who was having a psycho-spiritual problem and he got healed prompting the whole family to come to church and I did a personal follow-up on him. He said to me, ‘Apostle, I thought you were a man of the Spirit!’

“I told him that I considered myself spiritual. He said, ‘If you are spiritual, why don’t you see me in church every Sunday because I always come spiritually!’ “Wow, how could I answer such a statement? God gave me an answer. I said, ‘That is alright when you get sick and are hospitalised, do not complain that I am not visiting you, I will be visiting you spiritually and bringing spiritual bananas, spiritual apples.”
Why Should I Go To Church - Book Review By Fatima Bulla
Why Should I Go To Church - Book Review By Fatima Bulla
Apostle Sibiya also tackles the need to be kept accountable by church leaders as well as using the church as a place to sow the seed as commanded by Malachi 3 vs 10.

The apostle also gives circumstances where one can and should leave one church for another.

Apart from drawing lessons from the Bible, the book also quotes historical personalities like US founding father Benjamin Franklin, musician Michael Bolton and English philosopher Thomas Paine.

In this book, Apostle Sibiya attempts to show that church-going is important for an individual and that one can never live a successful Christian life without it.

The book answers probing questions on today’s Christians mindset, tackling vexatious questions as which church should one go to, which day is the Sabbath, Sunday worship and others.

Apostle Pride Sibiya is the founder and president of Glory Ministries.

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