MUST READ: All Ministers! What My Father Taught Me About His Father and Mother! Apostle Chisango on Apostle Guti.

Tiyambuke 2015 theme is "FOOTPRINTS OF THE LEGENDS!" One legend teaches about another legend!

Some of the most blessed times of my life are times I sit down at my father's feet and is taught. The Rev-Dr, Alexander Chisango, is nothing but a Kingdom man, he sleeps, eats, drinks, walks the Kingdom.

I visited him one night to put seed to the ground and only left his place after 2a.m as he spoke into my life about life and ministry.
MUST READ: All Ministers! What My Father Taught Me About His Father and Mother! Apostle Chisango on Apostle Guti.
MUST READ: All Ministers! What My Father Taught Me About His Father and Mother! Apostle Chisango on Apostle Guti.
One of the the things he taught me was about his own spiritual father, the Proff, Baba Archbishop Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti.

This is what I got (May God help me follow the footprints):
1. Baba Guti is an inspiration to all. He could have shipwrecked many times but He still stands. Help me Lord!

2. He could have emphasised on a few big meetings to show people how big he is but he does not. He has no appetite to be showy/kushamisira. Take pride from me oh Lord.

3. Baba Guti has genuine wealth and you can visibly see how it works. Check the churches, hospitals, university he has built. Eish, I need you Jehovah!

4. There is nothing flashy about him or anything to attract attention to himself but Christ.

5. He s offered serious respect but keeps on acknowledging the supremacy of Jesus Christ. I need you Lord. Most young ministers vanonakidzwa nekusimudzirwa nevanhu. Do not do so, my son. Because of his heart He will be anointed right to the end.

6. Anointing does not mean doing funny things but the zest to carry out all that God has called you to do. Baba Guti demonstrates this. Ndodawo.

7. Pride, opposite sex and flashy flamboyance/love of riches have destroyed ministers. We need money but never put it in the same rank as Jesus Christ son. Give and do not just collect and gather wealth around you. Many ministers have been castrated by those 3 and end up as Samson who once experienced God but things are not well; like Saul the ex-anointed who is just jelousy and fights others, you are no longer anointed for your purpose! Regera kundisiyawo ndega Mweya Mutsvene.

8. Baba Guti had access to abuse church coffers but did not. Ndibatsireiwo Baba.

9. He taught his family to worship God and mama Eunor, is a hero, she contributed much in this regard to the success of baba.

10. When mama came into the ministry she was young a knew a few things but concentrated on praying for the servant of God.

11. Mama never pulled daddy into worldly aspirations. Your spouse should not put worldly thoughts into you at the expense of your Kingdom mandate.

12. Mama never became bitter no used crude tactics against other Christians who fought and attacked them. Rather, she protected baba and the ministry spiritually.

13. Baba helped mama Guti reach to the level of respect she now commands. Through baba, God endowed mama with spiritual gifts she now uses powerfully in crusades. Women, never be like Michal, she wanted the association of being a queen but did not submit to David's ministry so ended up barren. Respect your minister-spouse and receive a blessing.

14. At the end of the day, the people who make ministry enjoyable are sons not just church members.

Do not just rejoice with the noise around your ministry but in sons that are worthy a thousand. They will stick to you for a lifetime, ministry haifanire kuva moto wemashanga kana wemapepa. Baba Guti has done so. God give me genuine and responsible sons and daughters!

Is this not powerful. "Thank you Lord that you raised a servant of God amidst us, allow us to partake of the grace on his life Lord, in Jesus, name!"

God bless you, go and prosper!

Thank you Baba and Mama Chisango!

Apostle Pride Sibiya.
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