The Spirit Of Prosperity with Apostle P. Sibiya

The Glory Ministries Prophetic Crossover Night was filled with aplomb as attendants moved into 2015 in style.

Preaching from Proverbs 10:22, Apostle Pride Sibiya was full of verve.
‘You need to be forceful in order to get the blessing. There are different kinds of spirits manifesting in people. I have seen people being delivered. There are different spirits such as witchcraft and spirits of prosperity. We have been given a spirit of love by God. Tonight is your night to get a spirit of plenty.’

Prosperity has seven identified dimensions.

  1. Spiritual prosperity. You don’t backslide but fast and pray. 
  2. Physical prosperity  
  3. Psychological prosperity 
  4. Socially, you must be loved and be promoted at the word
  5. Material prosperity. You must have your own possessions
  6. Emotional prosperity
  7. Financial prosperity
‘In heaven, you enter because you were spiritual prosperous. We can’t be heavenly inclined and earthly irrelevant. If the church does not teach about money, the world will do so. The gospel is good news.

Your saviour became poor so that you can become rich. Good news to the poor is the seven dimensions mentioned above. Why do you believe in the negative and not the positive?’ 
Apostle Pride Sibiya
Apostle Pride Sibiya

In Deuteronomy 4:15. ‘The Lord told me to deliver His people form their poverty which has hung amongst them even when they came to church. There shall be poor amongst us. Prophecy is different form prediction. A prediction is a certainty, it will come to pass. We can change the mind of God by prayer but not his attributes. 

Contrary, prophecy is conditional. If the conditions are not fulfilled, it may not be fulfilled. Life moves in dimensions. Don’t skip church because you have a small job. Grace is like grease that makes what God has predestined in your life.’

Conditions for prophecy to be fulfilled   

  • Believe in his word and prophets
  • Obey God. When you take the opposite path, you might not prosper. Deuteronomy 28:1
  • Prayer. Prayer will align you in positions to receive mega finances
  •  Work, do business. Luke 19:13
  • Seed and sacrifice
  • Christians must budget and save money
  • Get land and don’t sell it. Land is prosperity 
  • Speak into your prosperity and walk in the promises
  • Poverty will come this way
  • Criticism of people who will bring prosperity to you
  • Unbelief. Hebrew 4:2
  • Leaving church after a long time
  • Refusing to live by the prosperity principles e.g. tithing, studying 
  • Giving up too early

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