Slay your oxen – District Pastor Evangelist Brighton Madziro

‘Ministry is a journey. In 1 Kings 19:19-21, Elisha cut the bond with his past that could have interfered with his mission.

A successful Elisha must have the following attributes:
District Pastor Evangelist Brighton Madziro
District Pastor Evangelist Brighton Madziro
An act of following
Follow the vision and mission already in existence, a supporter of the vision. When you are called it does not make sense. Often, we desire to serve God and ourselves. Church is a fulltime business. God is always faithful, you cannot be a follower with your own followers because you may cause divisions.

Put your heart and mind together

Deal with your past today so it will not follow you later on. Remain focused. Don’t be too busy with other things that will interfere with your calling.

An act of sacrifice

You be prepared to give up something more valuable and going in front of the flock. God is not the lord of understanding but of principles. Sacrifices releases power in the following ways.
  • People will follow you. People who sacrifice are respected and followed and God releases mega into their lives.
  • They are able to convince people. Do not operate from a distance. Jesus was sacrificed for us, so we must be willing to forgo some pleasure in life. 
  • Sacrifice has the ability to make people become committed. 
  • Sacrifice brings anointing  

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