Raw faith cannot be denied - Apostle Alfred Jaka

Leaders attending the Glory Ministries annul minister’s conference in Marondera were left challenged by Apostle Jaka’s call to walk in faith in order to achieve greatness.

The founder of Exalter of Christ Ministries has been partnered with Glory Ministries since its inception. He has been a consistent speaker on most platforms organised by the ministry.
Apostle Alfred Jaka
Raw faith cannot be denied - Apostle Alfred Jaka
Explaining on faith, he said: ‘Faith is a mystery. 1 Timothy 3 and Hebrews 10:38. In the coming year, we need to be of great faith as leaders. When God speaks to your heart, He deposits great ideas and you realise your lack. If you can explain what happens to you, it is your work not of God. God’s work is immeasurable.’
According to Mathew 8:24, ‘People will concur storms by faith in 2015. Whatever you are facing, god will deliver you from your situation. And as leaders, you must bring peace when you step into situations. It is easy to forget when you reach the top.’

Apostle Jaka’s sermons always have an instant impact on its listeners. The much-travelled preacher is synonymous with his unwavering stance on biblical faith.

‘Mark 14:22 shows that we are not victorious by numbers but by faith in God. We must have a God kind of faith. By faith, everything is possible. When you begin to declare, it will come to pass. Faith cannot be denied. Whatever we seek in 2015, keep on hitting hard. There is no breakthrough without a breakup,’ he proclaimed.

Depend on the crumbs from the Kingdom of God, He will not ignore faith. Don’t be carnal with others, faith is a spirit. Don’t just follow everyone. You must have raw bible faith in 2015. Leaders must demonstrate faith. Many things God has spoken to you will come to pass. The spirit of faith has been released.’

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