Overcoming Satanism!: Introduction.

By Apostle Pride Sibiya
Before I even embark on discussing this topic I'd like to say, "we were not given a spirit of fear and cowardice but of power, love and a sound mind"(2 Tim 1:7). For us in Chris, hatitye masatanist, anototityawo!(we don't fear satanists they fear us).

In my ministry I have prayed for and delivered many in satanism. I have learnt a lot, first-hand about this thing. There is so much to say about it but will just summarise. I will write a full book soon.

Satanism is a counter of the Kingdom of God where satans subjects are convinced they will ultimately conquer Christ at the battle of Amaggedon after they have dealt with Christians. They envision one day of crowning satan, king of all...guys zviroto zviroto ngazviperere kugehena!

Overcoming Satanism!: Introduction.
Satanism thrives on luring people by either money and riches, fame and pomp or just by spiritual, political, social power over others. In the dark world satanists rank above witches, witchdoctors, false prophets, sangomas hence these cannot handle them. You also need to know that in as much as there are many churches, there are many different cults within satanism, some rich and some poor. The Illuminati, for e.g, is a cult of the rich and the famous and in itself has different cults.

Their agenda is to fight against all that stands for Christ. I prayed for one person who was in one cult. They were taught: Christians are a disease that must be cured! No-one must go to Heaven coz satan was chucked out of it! Be careful, the way you deny God and church, you may be under a spell.

To accomplish this goal they have put up many strateties. I will discuss a few:
-Distract Christiians from evangelism
-Keep Christians in poverty
-Fight every Spirit-filled church by all means possible
-Lure servants of God to sin
-Recruit as many as possible. Even on FB be careful.
-Premature death to have people die before receiving Christ in car accidents, hospitals, buildings, aeroplanes et.al
-Introduce beautiful ladies who r responsible for breaking marriages inc rich loverboys
-Making Christian nations ungovernable through violence and wars
-Promoting porn and obscenities
-Flashing wealth and pomp to attract people
-Releasing demons over drinks, jewellery, weaves etc. This does not mean we must refrain from these but pray and sanctify/separate these.
-Having illicit sex so they can transfer demons
-Friendships aimed at winning people over. 

-Parental dedications
-Cultic churches and other many ways

Be careful, we are in the last days

The most potent way of initiation is by way of having an agreement of covenanting with them by your blood. However there are many others like through dreams, games, clubs, oaths and the like. Here on FB a certain Joao Alves who is trying to initiate people. Beware!

Steps to avoid oppression or possession by satanists include these:
-Receive Jesus Christ
-Live a life fully committed to God
-Do not be a serial mover in churches
-Do not fear satanists if you are in Christ. Live by faith.
-Rid yourself of lusts of the world
-Be content that the Christian life is the most fulfilling whether you have money or not. Sooner or later you will be blessed
-Do not want microwave miracles, faster-faster wealth, overnight success. All of these God does but most of what is happening now is not from God!
-Be led by the Holy Spirit
-Do not attend social gatherings you do not fully understand even churches. The other person I prayed for was initiated through a church in Harare, Zimbabwe, many years ago.
-Do not agree to anything you do not understand
-Do not sell your soul to the devil for fame. Last year I had a 13-14 year old young man who was into satanism. He was lured because he was promised, as a usician, to become like Michael Jackson, whom they claim, they raised.
-Stay faithful to Christ
-If need be, get deliverance and teaching on this.

Satanists can still be delivered despite all their evil works. Christ came to set every captive free. There is no life outside Christ and no free gift with the devil...its unfortunate you pay with your own soul in hell. Satan will never love you because you are the image of his enemy, our Papa and because you were given dominion by God over the earth, that he so wanted. The devil is not the equivalent of God nor His equal...satan is a "created", God is the "Creator." do not be intimidated that bu leaving their coven you will die...Jesus came that you may have life and have it more abundantly!

This just an introduction. I hope you were blessed.

I love you all

Jesus is our Messiah, the Saviour of the world, satanis included.
Apostle Pride Sibiya

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