I am alone, where is Elisha? (The 2014 Minister’s Conference Theme)

THE initially day of the Glory Ministries, Minister’s conference was overloaded with teachings from the founder and able servant of the church, Apostle Pride Sibiya.
Apostle Pride Sibiya
I am alone, where is Elisha? (The 2014 Minister’s Conference Theme)
The annual gathering is reserved to equip leaders who are set to carry the ministry’s vision forward.

Taking a cue from Elisha, a loyal man’s servant of Elijah, he said: ‘God has given us times and seasons. What we have was set by God. It’s not a mistake to be what you are, even your own family. You are there by the divine plan for God. For every season God will raise a man and a woman. When you are faithful to God people will call your days in your name. With the passage of time, God knows who he has appointed. When you get to a certain point up there, it gets lonely.

Let’s leave the average and move to the top. When you go up, people will fight you. This is the same issue that Elijah was fighting. If you are feeling lonely, I have a solution for you. You can have a big congregation but do not have genuine sons and daughters. It’s not about having many people around you but the right people around you, people of distinction.’

He added: ‘A father’s future is in his sons. Men like Mark and Gideon are good examples. Elisha is a type of son who sacrifices. As I speak, the spirit is being transferred to you, people who have a character to be a servant of another; a servant to the man of God. There are people who follow you for convenience. We are searching for a humbled Elisha.’

Ways to become a genuine Elisha:
  • You must a sacrificial spirit:
  • You must have a descending spirit:
  • You must have a servant’s heart:
  • You must be prepared to go through every barrier.
These barriers are:
(a) The Gilgal barrier (a place of circumcision Joshua 4:19. It is a place of manna and sacrifice) (b) Bethel barrier (everything about your life is changed)
(c) Jericho barrier (a place of defeating rebellion) and
(d) Jordan barrier (a place of crossing over. You must have a spiritual vision)     

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