How to receive a double portion - Apostle Pride Sibiya

‘Success can on be successful if there is an able successor.’
This was the introductory remarks by Apostle Pride Sibiya while addressing leaders gathered for the yearly minister’s conference organised by Glory Ministries in Marondera. 

‘Many things happen spiritually. As I speak, the spirit must enter you, the Holy Spirit must give a signal to my sons and daughters. In turn, you will do great things. From 2015, I will become a father figure, and you will do greater things than me. Your eyes must be fixed on Elijah.’
How to receive a double portion - Apostle Pride Sibiya
The conference attendant by over 100 leaders was organised to equip them on spiritual and administration excellence, amongst other things. 
He cautioned that, ‘The future of the vision lies in the lives of the sons and daughters of this ministry. I cannot hold you back from your gift, and you must do even greater things than me. Pray for your character to be moulded. Have the desire for grater things. Lack of desire leads people to lose things.’ 

The 2014 theme was entitled: Where is Elisha, was derived from the biblical character who followed Elijah, his predecessor diligently until he inherited a double portion after his death.

‘Getting the mantle means inheriting the spirit not power. Know exactly what you are seeking. Look for the spirit not properties. Never be ignorant of the channels of the spirit,’ said the prominent servant of God.
The 2015 phase of the conference has been slotted for the 27th December, 2015.

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