Firstfruits with Apostle Pride Sibiya

First means primary, initial, foremost, coming before all, ranking above all others in importance and quality! Fruit means, harvest, outcome, result. First-fruit is therefore, the primary, initial, inaugural result of your labour, the first you get.

It is well known in Africa that when you get your first salary you do something for your parents. It is a first-fruit. This is great but a copy of the initial first fruit to God. Prov 3:9 says, "honor the Lord with thy substance and with your first-fruits of all thine increase." The result is in verse 10,"so shall your barns be filled with plenty and thy presses burst with new wine."
Firstfruits with Apostle Pride Sibiya
Firstfruits with Apostle Pride Sibiya
First-fruits are breakthrogh offerings. The Israelites would take the firstlings of their crops and animals to God. "And the first of all the first fruitsof all kinds..."Ezek 44:30. According to Numbers 18:8 the first-fruit is an everlasting ordinance and it is for your priest and his sons( Aaron and the Levites) also Lev 23:10. When you give into the servant of God Ezek 44:30 says: God will cause the blessing to rest in your house.

First-fruit causes the rest of your money to be holy (Rom 11:16).

How to go about it? Of the very first of your salary, set aside some money or equivalent and take it to God's house. The income you get when you start a new year, new company...take a little from that lump and take it to the House in a specific envelope to the servant of God in your life.
When you get an increase in your salary the first increase goes as first-fruit!

Thank you. I am taking my first-fruit to my Priest, Dr Apostle Alexander Chisango, are you taking it to your priest!

I love you.

By Apostle Sibiya and Prophet Blessing Chiza.
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