Dimensions of Mega Prosperity 4: Social Prosperity.

By Apostle Pride Sibiya
Greetings to you, the Lord's beloveds and mine.

In the book of Judges was a certain man called Jephtah. He was known as a child of a prostitute and so despised but God gave him grace that people realised that they could not do without him. This is just one example of social prosperity.
The social dimension of prosperity has to do with having a level of acceptance and influence in a given society or community of people.

Many people will fool themselves by saying they only need God and not people. God is a good God but will not marry you...bathe you when you are sick...do you manicure...manufacture the car you want...kana kukuperekedza kunoonekera semuroora...you need me, I need you.

Dimensions of Mega Prosperity 4: Social Prosperity.
Infact many people die by suicide and the number one reason is because they fail to realise self-wortth because they feel peopl do not find worth in them after having being impregnated...failed in school... imprisoned... committed adultery et.al. We need one another! Even for you to prosper financially you need people:"give and it will come back to you, good measure, pressed down, running over shall MEN GIVE INTO YOUR bossom."(Luke 6:38f)

Signs that show you are not prospering socially: 

  • "Everybody" hates you for no apparent reason.
  • You hate everyone for no apparent reason.
  • You celebrate your anti-social stunts and are happy to be called a reserved and unfriendly person. 
  • Your workmates in general, and boss, in particular just hates you for no apparent reason.
  • When something goes wrong you are the first suspect...minyama, jambwa, rushavashava, zvirambe izvezvi muzita raJesu. Ukati usekerere vanhu votobvunza kuti asi pane parikurwadza kufinyama kudaro! The devil is a liar. 
  • You are hated even by people of the opposite sex.
  • No matter how beautiful you are and how well decorated you are people of the opposite sex never notice you. 
  • Even if you are a lady and pass where men are gathered alone they won't even comment to one another. 
  • In the past 10 years you have had to move from friendship to friendship or relationship to relationship without success.
  • You fail to love a man or woman or maintain an affair for marriage...kutonzwa kusada. I prayed for a 28 year old lady who did not want to hear about a boyfriend for no apparent reason and she manifested demons. 
  • People call you, "weird," "strange" or even "satanic" 
  • When you join a group, the group dissolves.
  • You have either superiority complex of inferiority complex.
  • You are proud and pompous.
  • Wherever you are you want people to "feel" you.
Signs of social prosperity 
  • Great network of friends.
  • Likeable character.
  • Sweet spirit.
  • Team spirit.
  • Teachable spirit.
  • People die to be with you. Did you know there are people in church who are not even leaders or pastors who are just a blessing. When you feel discouraged then see them you just feel encouraged or when they smile you just feel the joy of God? 
  • You are confident of yourself hence confident around others.
Developing social prosperity:
1. Receive Jesus Christ. The cross of Calvary is a symbol of reconciliation between men and God(upward beam) and between men and men(sideward beam).
2. Seek deliverance against spirits that are causing rejection and disappointments. Some people are hated by relatives because when witches attack people they mask themselves with their facial images. People will think you are a witch.
3. Ask God to give you a sweet spirit
4. Be more available where people are. Do not just rush off home soon after church, wait and greet others.
5. Smile and be friendly.
6. Seed whatever you want to harvest. If you want people to e-mail you start doing so tomorrow. If you want me to app you, seed by apping me, watch if I will ignore you.
7. Do not think everyone is saying bad things about you. Some of us value and love you big time.
8. Know before you do anything good or pass any exam you are worthy, no wonder the Creator of everything died for you.

My prayer tonight is that, you be acceptable before God and men, find favour with God and men, be lovable, be likeable, have grace, have a pulling effect, be blessed and graced, in Jesus' name. May spiritual, physical, psychological and social prosperity be yours from tonight. Amen.

Love you too much not to let you know
Apostle Pride Sibiya.

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