Day 1 Fasting and Prayer.

By Apostle P Sibiya
I read Haggai 1. It caught me coz it described what is bothering many believers:
  • We sow yet bring little
  • Eat and are not filled
  • Drink and are not filled
  • Clothed but not warm
  • Earn wages yet lose them
  • Look for much,yet get little
  • Bumper harvests yet we get droughts.
Apostle P Sibiya
I was touched coz this is what is bothering most of us.
But why?
The scripture, says, coz we have left the house of God to lie waste. God is concerned about His ministry. When we are concerned about the things on His heart, He is concerned about what is on your heart!

Take care of God's business, He will prosper you(Haggai 1:8). 2015 is my year of Mega Prosperity!!!
How are your devotions?

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