2015 Prophesies, According To Apostle Pride Sibiya

2015 prophesies, according to Apostle Pride Sibiya:

  • There is abundant grace for cars in different Glory Ministries assemblies
  • 2015 is the year of mega prosperity in terms of finances in order to fulfil the mandate of recruiting more souls
  • More people within Glory Ministries will fly outside the country to minister the word of God as we go international. Different races will come to the ministry 
  • The Lord is making way in the wilderness, meaning breakthroughs are coming to the ministry
  • 2015 is a year of descending. Things will be smooth compared to the previous years. Many of the prophecies will be fulfilled
    2015 prophesies, according to Apostle Pride Sibiya
  • The Lord will do the same for Glory Ministries like what he did for Archbishop Ezekiel Guti
  • God will revisit the previous themes for the ministry in 2015
  • The fullness of joy will be fulfilled by the faith in our God
  • In 2015, the country will experience an outbreak of newcastle disease affecting the poultry industry, it’s a spiritual attack. Poultry will however be profitable for those who have the calling for the business. The government will be pushed to assist poultry breeders. 
  • A great person will pass on in 2015. This is a predication not prophecy and it will cause va lot of despondency nationwide
  • In 2015, weddings, graduation and marriages will become a culture. People who have been nullified in terms of marriages and weddings will do so
  • More people in Glory Ministries will possess residential stands in 2015
  • In a dream, I was in a car and saw a lot of money, then I decided I will not continue with the journey. Don’t be content with what you have like some.
  • The political situation in Zimbabwe is in God’s control. Pray for sanctions to be removed. God has two chords bounding the country. I saw money coming to the country
  • By the 20th of March, God will reveal that 2015 is a year of prosperity 
  • A great exposition in October is coming. The biggest one is in the church
  • Moslems are in a frantic effort to take over Zimbabwe, spiritually. The churches must pray for the body of Christ
  • People must prepare for the second coming of Jesus Christ 
  • In a dream, there was an empty basket symbolizing Zimbabwe as the former bread basket. In order for God to cleanse it, it had to be hungry. Zimbabwe is the bread basket, it has not been nullified to be the bread basket. There will be a restoration
  • Zimbabweans in South Africa and Botswana were sent by God so that they can pray for these countries. The economy of South Africa will shake in 2015 but the emissaries have to pray in order to counter. South Africa is going down for two reasons (a) homosexuality (b) spilling of human blood. The first sign is pride by calling other citizens derogatory names   
  • Old people were crying over their pensions. Someone will speak about it and there will a better treatment for the aged people in Zimbabwe
  • People will come from Mozambique, India and the Middle East and people started moving around, following them. Be very careful, you can be swayed, they are not carrying the power of God
  • Ignorant people will come and do the work of God, some of them are not even learned. Do things with the right spirit in the house of God 
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