Hurts of a genuine minister!

By Apostle Pride Sibiya
A true minister will have certain hurts in ministry. Some have to do with his/her person and some about ministry. Will give a few:

1. To love everyone and yet find out people love your gift not you. Genuinely love your pastor for who he is.

2. To have an unappreciative people around you. When in problems, I am the first to know. I fast and pray and God gives you a miracle I get to know on your FB profile,umm! People who always complain and not help. Compliment your minister when they do good, appreciate their good works and be grateful for just having them.

3. To have ticks on your body thus believers who just come to withdraw solutions and never deposit solutions. Some people think you only see a pastor when you are in dire straits. Do not use a pastor like a street woman. Let us celebrate victories together too.
Hurts of a genuine minister!
4. To have people come to church just for solutions then leave. Do not use the church like a clinic you pass by everyday only to remember it when diarhhea strikes! We should go to church to worship God. Miracles and signs are by-products of our relationship with God.

5. To pray for a person's problems and nothing changes, be it sickness, business fortunes or whatever their need is. Please do not accuse or demean a pastor after things do not change...I was just trying to help you and that is not a sin, at least appreciate my trying.

6. To have faithful daughters who seem not to find a godly young man to marry. This gets any genuine pastor crazy. You feel like just creating one for them! Do not criticise, girls, pastor is concerned and praying for you.

7. To have a spouse that does not understand your vision. One of the greatest blessing in ministry is to have an understanding spouse. Thank God for mai Sibiya! Spouses of ministers pliz be supportive.

8. Do all the donkey-work with you when things are not well in your life, cast demons from you, clean your life up only to leave after you graduate for a "better minister!" Oh, how on earth can you compare ministers?

9. To have a congregation that sacrifices all their resources to an Interdenominational when their church is dying financially. Money goes there but they need pastoral visits and burial of their dead from the Church. It hurts to see a person getting lost, getting into the pangs of sin again.

10. To have people around you who will not pray for you or support you in anyway, only to speak against you, criticise your leadership, attack you, mark your sermons.

To ministers, pals if this is happening to you, push on, it is not uncommon, you are a servant of God not a pop-star, be strong and move on with the work. Pray and love them all, vana, children always do this. Never curse them pray, pray, pray.

To sons and daughters who plan their ministers misery in the hope of making it to the top, you will be at the top soon and know that "what you sow is what you reap!" please stop this, you may find yourself fighting God Himself!

Love you all

Apostle Pride Sibiya

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