Unleashing the Mega 20: Tatenda Chinhengo, Gram Nhongonema and Adolf Mandidzinga.

MEGA 20 is an important component of the Kabod Youth Conference; it was created to showcase the diverse God-given talent within Glory Ministries.

This segment is part of Apostle Sibiya's vision that the sons and daughters within the ministry rise in various capacities; it is at the heart of the apostle's work.

As the International Overseer, Overseer Masenyama mentioned in his introduction:

“These are sons and daughters that will reach where we are not able to go. These are a reproduction of the Apostle. They are capable of doing things that we cannot do. Without them, we cannot reach Mega Souls.

His introduction had unleashed the true evangelistic spirit within Glory Ministries. This was a confirmation that, indeed we can attain Mega Souls.

The first slot was reserved for Gram Nhongonema.
Gram Nhongonema.
To some, he may seem ordinary because of his past, but he is a dynamite waiting to explode to the lost souls. His read from (1 Chronicles 12: 32).

"We are heavyweights of this nation. We exist to lead this nation into Christ. We are mandated to win souls; to bridge the generation gap. Unlike our forefathers who used to worship the dead, we must restore the house of God.

He added, "Let’s seize this opportunity to preach God using all technologies available. The nation is waiting for giant pill to heal the nation. We need experts to win souls to Christ."

Tatenda Chinhengo then took the podium.
Tatenda Chinhengo then took the podium.
His message plucked from (Hebrews 11: 1) focused on faith.

"If you have faith, you have a title deed that makes you an owner to what you seek. By having faith you do it for yourself without force. The Holy Spirit is a small, still voice that encourages us into action. Let’s put faith into action."

The last spot was reserved to Adolf Mandidzinga.
The last spot was reserved to Adolf Mandidzinga.
His message was in agreement with the previous set of speakers; it was a combination of forgiveness, love and faith.

"Hope alone will not cause Mega Souls to come to Glory Ministries. We cannot separate faith, hope and forgiveness. Hatred removes the Jesus we claim to love. Mega Souls will only come if we show them love. Remember, Jesus died for your enemy first."
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