Spare a moment for the elderly

SOMETIMES we tend to take life for granted, often with dire results. With many daily challenges, we dedicated every minute to ourselves - and us alone.

How selfish have we become, even with our own time. To many, life is a daily struggle that they toil to fend for their immidiate families - and nothing beyond that.

Fair enough, but have you ever thought of who takes care of the less priveledged in your community.

Taking you back. I was born and raised in Chitungwiza. I have spent most of my life in this sprawling dormitory town.

But for after nearly four decades of existence, I never spared a moment for the elderly, especially those housed at Bumhudzo Old People's Home. By the way, the home is a walking distance from my home.
Spare a moment for the elderly
The home was established in 1974, four years before my birth. I knew it existed but through ignorance, I never bothered to visit the place, as if it was a lion's den.

Infact, anyone is welcome to visit the area - even just for fellowship, according to the information I gathered.

If it was not of my spiritual father, I would have continued to ignore the elderly's plight. Thanks to his guidance, on Saturady, the 6th of September, I got a rare chance to mix with the elderly.

And what a bountful blessing it was.

Mayo Simango came from Mozambique years back in search of a better life, but what he got for his retirement was more regrets.

'I worked from 1958 in Harare whilst lodging in Mufakose Township,' he chronicles his life since his birth in 1932.

One of the 48 elderly resident at the home came to the sanctuary after falling sick. With his health failing and no one to look after him, his employee took him to Bumhudzo.

Three years later, it is the only place he now calls home. His grey hair is a sign of wisdom and he still shows it.

'Relatives only love you when you are working, after retitrement things change.'

True to his prediction, another old woman shares a similar story.

She never had a child in her life. When she retired, she had nowhere else to rest.

The way she cuddled the little ones present could be only a reminscent of how she misses the compassion of a family. She can't wait to be taken for an outing from the place she been staying for the past four years. To her, it feels like she will going to another country.

This is how she misses a family unit.

When the call to bring goodies was announced, my mind raced to my wardrobe. That night I dug two shirts as part of my contribution to the cause. The shirts might not be useful to me anymore, but for someone like Sekuru Simango they are something to cherish. My token donation was accompanied by other goodies from well wishers.

You might be suprised that what you term useless might be gold to someone out there. By the way, anyone is free to visit the home just to fellowship.

My day was up as the elderly held for sleep that late afternoon. As I left the place, I had a new look at life. recalled what Apostle Sibiya said earlier on.

'In every young person, there is am old person erking to get out. It is the responsiblity of every young man to prepare for than old man when he finally comes out.'

These words will echo in my life utnil a ripe age. I recall of families yearning for wisdom, but the home has it in abudance.

I will definately make another trip.
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