Mega Kidz Conference 2014: We Are a Chosen Generation

THE Tiyambuke International Conference, hosted by Glory Ministries rolled into action on Tuesday morning with the Mega Kids Conference II setting the stage for the now renowned week long Christian convention.

The opening ceremony, aptly themed A Chosen Generation, attracted an array of talent from the ministries various assemblies. For the first time, the young became the centreof attention to become the bearers of the ministries’ vision, to express God’s Glory.

And they did not disappoint, taking a leaf from their elders.

First to warm up the equally enthusiastic older generation, was the ecstatic praise and worship team, who lifted the veil of silence amongst the supporting parents. Despite the obvious anxiety, they sang on as Apostle Pride Sibiya, danced to their innocent and genuine voices. Singers released passionatevoices raising the stage with the energy that can only be reserved for the A Chosen Generation, their conference slogan.
Apostle Pride Sibiya
Mega Kidz Conference 2014: We Are a Chosen Generation
Mega Kidz Conference 2014: We Are a Chosen Generation
Mega Kidz Conference 2014: We Are a Chosen Generation
Mega Kidz Conference 2014: We Are a Chosen Generation
Mega Kidz Conference 2014: We Are a Chosen Generation

However, the best was reserved for those who were patient.
Young preachers released prophetic declarations. The emphatic messages echoed and received by a deafening Amen, confirming that Glory Ministries is indeed set for a brighter and Mega future.

After warming the podium, the Mega Kids left the pulpit to the founder of Glory Ministries, Apostle Pride Sibiya. Tapping from the energy that had been released by the children, he picked up from the other preachers.His fitting sermon was from (1 Peter 2.9 and 2 Peter 2. 9).

I grew up in a generation were it was fashionable to visit witch doctors, consulting spirit mediums and naming children with names that will burden them. But I declare today that this generation will be different, it will be never be the same like my generation.

He added, For a moment, I really felt like a child once again. These children are lucky, because in my time, I did not get the chance to attended Sunday school like them.

Indeed, this is blessed and a chosen generation. According to apostle, when he prayed for the children, he saw a vision of a prosperous future.

All these children are destined for a great future. Amongst them I saw engineers, doctors and lawyers. None of them will fail. God knows his own before they are even born. What you have given them, the devil will never take away from them.

They were chosen by God not by men. Do not let then go through what our generation went through. Our Lord will take these children to places where we are not able to reach.

His closing message was directed to the parents.

Parents, learn to respect your children, they are gift from God. Give them a good education. Pray so that you become great parents and for resources to give them a better life.
Bishop Pride Sibiya Online
Glory Ministries is an international movement which was founded in 2001 by Apostle P. Sibiya, in Chitungwiza, Zengeza, the greater part of Harare, Zimbabwe. It is a global ministry with the vision of taking God's glory to the nations of the world. Bishop Pride Sibiya
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